Coaching Packages

No two riders are the same, so we aim to provide our clients with training plans that consider the athlete holistically by creating a program that works for them & in conjunction with their other commitments.

The personalised coaching and training services of White Inc. are provided and overseen by Nic & Di White, Trevor Davies and Nadine Visagie

  • Nic has a Level 2 Cycling Australia Coach certification, and was asuccessful and experienced cyclist who raced professionally for 12 years from 1998 - 2010.
  • Di is a qualified Sports Scientist (B. Phys. Ed) (PDM), certified coach and experienced cyclist.
  • Trevor has a BA Human Movement Science and an MS in Sport Medicine, and is an experienced multi-discipline athlete.
  • Nadine is a Sports Scientist and UCI Certified Coach. (Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sport Psychology, 2005 & Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Sport Science (Cum Laude), 2008)

White Inc. has the expertise and modern resources to provide professional and effective personal coaching and training services focused on road, mountain and track cycling as well as triathlon - ranging from basic competence and physical assessment to various levels of participation and competition.

A fundamental aspect of White Inc.’s services is the relationship between White Inc. and their Client which has the flexibility to develop and change over monthly cycles so as to meet the Client’s aims and aspirations.

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