WHITE INC. is a company that brings together the science of cycling with extensive on-the-road experience in the formidable husband/wife team of Nic & Di White. We aim to not only improve your performance on the bike but also to promote your fun and enjoyment of this dynamic sport.
We understand that our client’s needs are individual and that they derive their enjoyment from cycling on different platforms, and as such, we aim to provide a personalized service that caters for anyone from novice to world class level.
So whether you are an experienced competitive athlete looking for that extra edge, or just a newbie trying to find your way, we can help you to optimize your journey!
•   Scientific fitness and performance testing.
•   Structured, personalized training plans using Power and/or HR.
•   Ongoing interactive coaching from novice to elite level.
•   Once-off consultations to review data and training practices for self-coached athletes.
•   Customized group / team preparation for specific events, i.e. Argus, joBerg2c, Cape Epic.
•   Cycling products for training, Power training tools from Garmin, Wahoo Fitness, Stagespower, Powertap.
•   Training camps & cycling trips locally and abroad.

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